Plurality: Dennis Liu’s Big Brother Sci Fi Film Rocks

Plurality is an indie sci fi film set in New York City of the year 2023.

The movie confronts the issues arising from the widespread usage of and consequent legislation related to a Bentham grid. The grid is used to identify people with a 0.001% margin of error by taking a miniscule sample of DNA. It can then eliminate the need for keys, paper money, credit cards or identification documents such as social security and health cards. Naturally, there are a number of complex social issues arising in a such a context – personal freedom in general and the right to privacy in particular, ownership of DNA information and its usage to diminish the crime rate, removing transaction costs and the illusion of safety.

Plurality: In 2023, the Bentham Grid goes online.

Directed by: Dennis Liu
Written by: Ryan Condal
Produced by: Jonathan Hsu, Dennis Liu

Looking at the fantastic final cut of the film you wouldn’t be able to guess it but this movie was a tiny production. It took Dennis and his crew 2 years of filmmaking with very little money and much help from his friends to make it happen. So let’s help a young film-maker by spreading the word about his great new film Plurality.

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