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Eros Evolving Conference: The Future of Love, Sex, Marriage and Beauty

Transhuman Visions is producing a third conference on April 5th – this event will examine a very specific and personal category of futurism…the title is: “Eros Evolving – the future of love, sex, marriage, and beauty.”

The 12-hour conference will offer an extremely varied set of presenters, ranging from sex educators to neurologists, from polyamorists to atheist authors, from reproductive rights activists to an historian of prostitution. The speakers are: Grace Walcott, Carol Queen, Jay Bookhouse, Bill Softky, Nicole Sallak Anderson, David Fitzgerald, Adam Safron, Andrea Kuszewski, Valerie Tarico, Zoltan Istvan, Ginger Murray, Riva-Melissa Tez, Kevin Russell, Susan Bratton, Hank Pellissier. (Biographical information on these speakers can be found here)

The event will be on April 5 (Saturday) from 9:30am – 9pm at Piedmont Veteran’s Hall  (401 Highland Avenue, Piedmont). The producer is Hank Pellissier of the Brighter Brains Institute, and the sponsors are the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology, the Center for Sex and Culture, and Good Vibrations.


Eros Evolving

Here’s a sample of some questions that will be examined at the conference:  Can emerging science & technology obliterate loneliness?  When we understand sexual attraction neurologically, will we mutate and manipulate it for “Transhuman” advantages? Is marriage in crises? Can it be chemically revived?  Will cosmetic surgery enable everyone to be beautiful in any gender they choose?  Are sexbots a threat in the bedroom?  Is pornography a gift or a plague?  Are artificial wombs a feminist necessity?  Do we all want to be hermaphrodites? Is the internet enhancing or annihilating intimacy? Is the potential of “sex education” still unexplored?

Tickets can be purchased via EventBrite.  Cost is only $20-$30. Volunteer opportunities are also available

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