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Tesla Unveils Model D: A Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive with Autopilot and Supercar Performance

teslaTesla CEO Elon Musk launched model D of his electric car line up – a dual motor all-wheel-drive with new features such as autopilot and amazing supercar performance.

Because of efficiency savings designed into the new system of Model D, it will also have a small increase in range for a maximum of 275 miles – i.e. about 10 extra miles per charge as compared to their rear-drive models. [The AWD cars have a second electric motor to drive the front wheels thereby eliminating the need for a front-to-rear driveshaft and other cumbersome hardware used in gasoline-powered cars.]

The AWD cars will carry the designation D, and the new top version of the AWD Model S will be designated P85D. The P85D will have a 0 to 60 mph launch of 3.2 seconds and if you order your car now you may just be lucky to receive it in time for the Christmas holidays this December.

P.S. Given that I have to drive during the harsh winters in Canada, as well as the fact that because of what I do, this is pretty much the only car I could or should drive, I am quite happy about this news. The only problem to be resolved is the little issue with an estimated price tag of 136,420 Canadian dollars. Yes, if you compare its performance, features, driving cost and [lack of] maintenance to the alternatives, it really does look like a bargain. But I still have to find a way to pay for one. So please make a donation and help me get it. 😉

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