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Transhuman: Titus Nachbauer’s Short Doc on Transhumanism

Transhuman: Do you want to live forever? is Titus Nachbauer‘s short documentary about transhumanism.

TranshumanSynopsis: Philosopher and Swedish computational neuroscientist Anders Sandberg does not accept death as a foregone conclusion. According to him it will become possible this century to upload your mind into a computer. He is a member of a small group that calls itself the transhumanists.

Transhuman is a short documentary film by director Titus Nachbauer. It is about radical life extension, cryonics and future technology that might change the human condition. The film also features short appearances by Nick Bostrom, Natasha Vita-More and Arjen Kamphuis.

This is the full English version, a few Dutch parts have been subtitled.

Short documentary Copyright 2011 by NFTA


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  • Cryonica

    I have not yet watched this documentary but I should like to stress that being a transhumanist and believing that the uploaded copy of your brain is yourself are not the same thing, and the one does not necessarily go with the other.

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