cryonics thumb

Frozen Faith: Cryonics and The Quest to Cheat Death [Video]

DRM Media Lab thumb

MIT Media Lab Dialogue on DRM with Richard Stallman, Joi Ito and Danny O’Brien

Rise Thumb

Rise: Proof of Concept Short Sci Fi Film with Anton Yelchin

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The iMom

Marvin Minsky and AI thumb

Marvin Minsky and The Beginning of AI [Video Highlights]

the Choice is Ours thumb

The Choice is Ours: A Documentary about Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project

Ray Kurzweil Forever Young thumb

Forever Young: A Love Song To Ray Kurzweil

Nikola Danaylov podcasting or vlogging thumb

Nikola Danaylov on Tea At Taxevity: Podcasting vs. Vlogging

Wired article: Ray Kurzweil,  Singularity University

Nikola Danaylov vs Norman Ball Debate on “Ray Kurzweil: Visionary or Fraud?”

death thumb

Goodbye Grim Reaper: Challenging the Historical Inevitability of Death [Video]

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Esther Perel: Navigating the future of relationships requires honest negotiation


Danko Nikolic: To create a strong AI, we’ll have to create a gigantic AI-kindergarten