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Ramez Naam: The Future Isn’t Set In Stone! Thumbnail

This is the first out of a series of 3 sci fi round-table interviews with Ramez Naam, William Hertling and Greg Bear that I did last November in Seattle. It was produced by Richard and Tatyana Sundvall and generously hosted by Greg and Astrid Bear. [Special thanks to our cinematographer [...]

Ramez Naam on Singularity 1 on 1: We Are The Ones Who Create The Future Thumbnail

This is the second time that I interview Ramez Naam for my Singularity 1 on 1 podcast. Last time we talked about Naam’s interesting background, professional experience and award-winning book More Than Human.  During our second conversation with Ramez we talk mainly about his novel Nexus: Mankind Gets an Upgrade. We [...]

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